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Superior In-Class and On-Line Diploma Preparation Courses for Students in Alberta


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Diplomax Products and Services


  • Complete diploma exam prep; experienced educators - exceptional results
  • Held weekends, in Edmonton, in November, January, April and June
  • If an In-Class session is cancelled, a full refund will be provided.
  • 97% satisfaction rate on student surveys


  • Complete subject VIDEO REVIEW; Unlimited use
  • No downloading required, stream videos across devices
  • Complimentary copies of Instructor’s Class Notes and of MAX Results included ($39 value)
  • Ideal for students looking for ongoing review support at home


Term Subject Math 30-1 - MODULES to the MAX

  • All key curricular concepts are addressed
  • Excellent year-long support for the price of a few hours of traditional tutoring
  • Each subject is presented by series of individual video modules
  • Stream to your device – no need to download
  • UNLIMITED USE of all video modules and practice questions
  • Great choice for at home help in completing assignments, preparing for quizzes, unit tests and final exams
  • Free copy of MAX Results to help with transition from school to post-secondary study or the world of work
  • Math 30-1 available immediately, other subjects are underdevelopment

MAX Results

  • 100 pages of Tips and Strategies for Academic Improvement
  • Improve Personal Study Habits, Test Strategies, and Scholarship Opportunities
  • Plan for Post-Secondary Study, Training, and the Job Market

iPrep Study Notes

  • Complete course review – on any device – unlimited use
  • Each subject has video support for the ’10 toughest topics’ identified by students
  • Key Points to remember are colour-coded by the author
  • A complimentary copy of MAX Results included ($39 value)


Electronic and Video Subject Support

  • Includes On-Line Video Review, iPrep Study Notes, and MAX Results at a discounted price
  • Immediate access to all resources and videos upon purchase, UNLIMITED USE
  • Stream all videos across devices – no downloading required
  • Year-long support at home for the price of a few hours of traditional tutoring


Meet the TeamOur Teachers and Authors

Loretta NgPhysics
John MestonSocial Studies
Thomas StahlkeChemistry
Will RobertsonSocial Studies

What People SayWhat Past Students & Parents Think

It really gave me confidence for the upcoming exam by making me realize how much I remember and by having a new way of looking at concepts that I found hard.

- Emily C

I’ve never taken this course before, in fact, I’m only in grade 11. Regardless, I believe I will do amazingly well on the diploma.

- Azeem M

Thank you for your five-star customer service! When my daughter discovered that she was missing a video from the online video review course, I contacted DIPLOMAX. I was impressed with the speed and concern with which the situation was rectified. (Staff name) went above and beyond my expectations! Thank you again!

- Parent

The review gave me hope for a great mark on the diploma... Overall, it was the best tutorial I have ever been in.

- Zakiya D

Our instructor was superb and should be seen amongst his peers as a leader in modern-day instruction

- Amanda M

Having the course just before the final helps you to understand what to study and no cramming is necessary now…our instructor was fantastic.

- Samantha J

The clear method in which the instructor presented all of the material…the use of humour as a tool to help us remember things.

- Malcolm S

The instruction of the course was animated, clear, interesting and concise…the information was well presented and not too overwhelming…the teacher was great.

- Jaden F

Excellent instructor who brought the course to life through the application of theoretical and historical curriculum to present-day issues.

- Melanie C

It was great to have a review from the entire semester…also learning different methods that I find easier to remember than what I was taught

- Kelvin W

The instructor went over things very thoroughly…went through things my teacher never taught me…I feel much more prepared and informed.

- Alexa Y

Clear and concise... only the most relevant topics were discussed... much learned in a short time

- Kyle Y