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Superior In-Class and On-Line Diploma Preparation Courses for Students in Alberta


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Q: How do I access my complimentary copy of the Instructor’s Study Notes package?

Once you have completed your registration, directions are provided to you for downloading your complimentary copy of the Instructor’s Study Notes package. CAUTION: Once you open your electronic Study Notes Package (a document of 100 - 200 pages) you MUST ‘SAVE’ it to your computer to access it for either download or print in the future. If after saving the document you are still experiencing difficulty in printing or downloading the Instructor’s Study Notes package, call a DIPLOMAX representative for assistance at 780-970-1946.

Q. Where do I go? What is my room number?

Print the campus map. All students check-in at the ECHA shown on the campus map. At the check-in desk you will receive a schedule that identifies the room, topics, and times the topics are to be covered. Representatives from DIPLOMAX are on-site each day and will assist you in locating your specific classroom.

Q: What do I need to bring to class?

You need to bring your print or download a copy of the Instructor’s Study Notes package, pen/pencil and notepaper, something to eat and drink, and your calculator if you taking a Math or Physics class. Check out “Arriving for First Class” at for additional information.

Q: Do I need to bring my textbooks?

You do not need to bring any textbooks but you MUST bring your print or downloaded copy of the Instructor’s Study Notes package to class each day.

Q: Do I need to bring my receipt?

It is not necessary to bring your registration receipt. Your name will be on the class list when you arrive to check in on the first day of the session.

Q: Where do I get my receipt?

If you registered on-line, you print your receipt by going to Log In, Order History, and Print.

Q: What happens if I am late on the first day?

If you know in advance you are going to be late, please e-mail ( or call (780-970-1946) to inform DIPLOMAX representatives so arrangements can be made to get you to the correct classroom.

Q: What happens if I get lost?

If you get lost, immediately call 780-970-1946 for assistance from a DIPLOMAX representative.

Q: What happens if I get sick and can’t come to my session?

Call DIPLOMAX (780-970-1946) to make arrangements to attend an alternate session.

Q: What do I do if I want to change my session?

Call DIPLOMAX (780-970-1946) to make arrangements to attend an alternate session.

Q: What do I do if I want to cancel my course?

There is no cancellation or refund as you have immediate access to the electronic Study Notes package once your registration is completed. You may contact DIPLOMAX ( or 780-970-1946) to make arrangements to attend an alternate session or to discuss unique circumstances.

Q: I took the course before and want to repeat it. How do I register?

You must register by telephone (780-970-1946) or e-mail ( to access the DIPLOMAX Guarantee which allows you to repeat a course you have previously taken at no charge.

Q: Where can I stay if I am coming from out of town?

Check for information about Lister Conference Centre which offers short-term accommodation ( ). It is within walking distance of ECHA. You may also want to check out Campus Tower Suites Hotel (780-439-6069, 11145 – 87 Ave) which is also within walking distance of ECHA.

Q: What is the DIPLOMAX Guarantee?

The DIPLOMAX Guarantee allows you to repeat, for any reason, any DIPLOMAX course that you have previously taken. For example, if you decide to rewrite a diploma exam, you may repeat the DIPLOMAX review class in which you have previously participated at no charge. To access the DIPLOMAX Guarantee you must register by phone at 780-970-1946.

Q: What is the advantage of immediate access to the Instructor’s Study Notes package?

Immediately accessing the Instructor’s Study Notes package allows you to use the review notes and apply the tips and strategies to your home studies. The information and material can be used all semester long to help you prepare for class quizzes, unit tests, and written assignments.

Q: How can I download the electronic Study Notes to my Apple device?

Click here for the steps to add to your device while browsing site on iPad.

Click here for the steps to add Study Notes to your device through iTunes. (Study Notes are downloaded to your computer)

Q: Will the Social 30-1 review session help me to write the Social 30-2 diploma exam?

The Social 30-1 review session will serve as an overview of the concepts for the Multiple Choice portion of the diploma exam. However, it will NOT focus on the written portion of the Social 30-2 diploma exam which is distinctively different from the written portion of the Social 30-1 diploma exam.

Q: How do the iPrep Study Notes differ from the complimentary Instructor’s Study Notes provided with the DIPLOMAX In-class registration and Online VIDEO REVIEW purchase?

The iPrep Study Notes and the DIPOMAX In-Class and On-Line Video Review resources have been developed by some of the same instructors. Consequently, some of the wording may appear to be similar. However, there are stark differences between the resources as they are intended to address different student needs.
  • The DIPLOMAX In-Class and On-Line Video Review resources are integral to the instruction provided during the session or when using the Video Review format. Examples, practice questions, and graphics used to explain and clarify key concepts referred to by the instructor during the review are contained in the resources for easy student reference. The DIPLOMAX In-Class and On-Line resources support a guided review of the subject provided by a face-to-face or video instructor.
  • The iPrep Plus resources contain a number of different features that make them ideal for year-long use at home to support classroom learning. In addition to addressing all course curriculum, the resources use colour-coding to highlight key concepts, thus providing students with hints, reminders and issues to be aware of. Ten videos, each approximately 8-12 minutes in length, focus on the ‘tough topics’ in each subject. The videos can be viewed as many times as necessary to clarify understanding. The iPrep resources are designed to be self-paced, independent review and support to year-long classroom instruction.